Welcome to the Just Another Monster Blog!

Well we finally did it. We finally got an official site spun up for your new favorite true crime podcast. I'll be using the blog to post regular updates about the show, talk about upcoming episodes, features, giveaways and more!


Soon you'll be able to get your very own Just Another Monster merch. I am in the process of building out the online store front where we will offer things like teeshirts, hoodies, tank tops, hats, mugs, water bottles and stickers. Be sure to check back here soon when the store launches.


Just Another Monster: Blacklight is an upcoming companion show for Just Another Monster. Blacklight episodes are entirely unscripted and will feature your favorite host and guest hosts. These shows will be a bit different. We won't be covering any specific cases like I do with the parent show. On this show I'll field questions from listeners and guest hosts and we will discuss things like current cases and events.