About The Show


Just Another Monster is a thematic and narrative driven true crime podcast.

Each episode covers a real biographical case that tells a unique story of those who became victims of the monsters that live among us. Just Another Monster also covers sensitive topics with a very candid and sobering approach. This may be triggering for some, so please listen at your own risk.

New episodes are released fortnightly and are available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and wherever you listen to your favorite shows.

Your Host

Meet the host of your new favorite true crime podcast, Just Another Monster!

Kris Hall is the brains, voice and creative force behind Just Another Monster. Kris has worn many hats during his 20+ year career in the entertainment sector of the tech industry. With an initial background in film Kris went on to work for many well known high profile tech companies and AAA game studios within the Pacific Northwest.

He has established himself as a major driving force in the industry earning himself countless accolades and even an Emmy nomination. Now he is adding podcasting to his list of talents with writing, producing, editing and hosting his very first podcast, Just Another Monster.

This is only the beginning for Kris and his new venture in storytelling. So be sure to stay tunedโ€ฆthere is much much more to come!

Guest Hosts

Ahki Hasegawa

A geeky introvert from California, Ahki loves all dogs, hiking in forests, reading fantasy novels, music, and playing games of both the table top and video variety. Samwise Gamgee is the best Sam and pineapple belongs on pizza.

The Pinebox

Just Another Monster and Just Another Monster: Blacklight is written, produced and hosted in the Pinebox. The Pinebox is the makeshift podcast studio that was built out specifically for the shows. The entire production of the shows happens here.